SoundPuddle from kickstarter


Looks like he’s been on the Magic Mushrooms - cool tho…

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and enjoying it it seems… LOL

A good bit of this has been done by those who have demonstrated LED strips.

The parts that’s missing (at least in Gadgeteer world) is the audio input. Seems like this should be too hard to accomplish.

Does the Music Module offer the audio input data in a stream?

The music module has got a line input i think and im pretty sure you can record using it so i guess you could use it for this.

Just not sure if it’s a data stream that is “easy” to be parsed (raw, mp3. Vog, etc).

If it can be processed in a FEZ, based on frequency and volume, seems to me you could do this soup to nuts in FEZ world. Granted, you might not be able to to have a high frequency of your processing loop.

Any reason why not? devhammer put up a “blinkie” thread that was able to