Sound output from TinyCRL2.0?

I am working on a hardware design using the SCM20260D (yes that is the G400D in the image as I don’t yet have the 3D model of the SITcore module) and one of the things I would like to add is sound. For most applications these will be remote located and not be fitted with sound but I have one client asking for an alarm sound for a unit he wants to install in an industrial complex. Just now I have a basic buzzer on the board.

What options do we have found sound with TinyCLR2.0? I see that there is a VS1053B driver in the samples. Would this allow the sound to be done from a thread? I do have an SD card internally fitted so I could store the sounds on that and play them back.


VS1053B do well the job. I think I can propose a sample in few weeks.


We have a page for this

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