Sorry Guys i could not resist sharing

ok, so don’t spank me to hard for putting this here, but i could not resist.

That is too funny. My wife said she could see me do something like that. I love the Imperial March. They need to change the President’s “Hail to the Chief” to this. I think it sounds better. lol ;D

Love it. One of our customers was playing Mario midi file using a stepper motor. Should be on YouTube.

Please post such on the “off topic” next time.

ya, sorry, you can delete or move it, my bad

Lol! Very funny.

Found it


Excellent, I love it

Mario - FOREVER!!! ;D

A couple from my Ultimaker homies:

Airwolf theme:

Zelda theme:

:slight_smile: Really seems strange seeing an Ultimaker move so slowly.

Just off topic (or not)…

When should we use “Off Topic” and when “General Discussion”?

Common sense, I guess. But the border between the two is somewhat fuzzy.

Given that the tagline for General Discussion is:

“Feel free to talk about anything.”

Common sense would say that nothing is “off-topic” here.

Perhaps a more precise description for the General Discussion forum is warranted…


Let’s start a long thread on the meaning of Common Sense. :smiley:

Yea, I think “General Discussion” should really be “General NETMF & GHI Discussion”. “Off Topic” is “YouTube videos and questions you’re afraid to ask anywhere else”

[quote]Really seems strange seeing an Ultimaker move so slowly.
It’s probably old firmware, too - the new stuff (with acceleration & look-ahead) is very quiet…

I consider it a good thing that it’s hard to get these machines to make music!

OK…ok … I get it, I get it… Robot domination is comming, now where is the Laser Cutter making a song? :wall: