Sorry Gus

Sorry Gus, but below are the images of the tv I can watch and the view from my room and I am never picking the cheapest room again! :whistle:

@ Gary - Wow. Didn’t think those even existed anymore, other than the occasional set I see someone put out to the curb when they clean out the basement…c’mon, @ Gus…bump up Gary’s travel budget.

@ Gary, At least the room is clean.

@ Gary, Wait the room IS clean right? :-[

Actually I am changing rooms because there are these little water bug things in the sink.

@ Gary - Seriously? :open_mouth:

I can’t blame Gus, I could have picked a better place but I was spending the company money like it is mine.

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Very serious

Lol you are doomed for traveling without me 8)

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What luxury you get to put up with. :slight_smile:

The first picture was my hotel room view at the new year which was quite a change from the one in May last year (second image) :stuck_out_tongue:


i told you that yesterday when I was at the airport, I missed my first connecting flight because of a delay coming out of Detroit, thank fully I made the second connection they got for me.

I like the second picture.

@ Dave McLaughlin - Where was the 2nd pic taken, pretty nice looking.

I’d slash all your travel budgets, no one needs a window on a business trip as you should be working, not gazing out a window lollygagging. Also I trust your hotel is walking distance from a Costco so you can eat your meals there with the free samples etc.

You should have come to Nashville… :whistle:

@ Gary - You complain about a hotel room? What about your GHI office?

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Queen of the South hotel in Parangtritis, south Java, Indonesia. Beautiful location and hotel is very quiet and relaxing but difficult to get beer in the area. Bring your own. :slight_smile:

@ Dave McLaughlin - Beautiful, but the beer issue is going to be a problem.

I traveled to Yogyakarta back in the early 70’s when we lived in Bangkok. Night and day difference between Yo and Jakarta isn’t there?

It sure is. If I could work from Yogja, I would rather live there than Jakarta.

The hotel is 1 hour south of Yogja.

@ Dave McLaughlin - So you are in Jakarta?
I know it’s touristy, but do you get over to Denpasar? When we were there, there were just cottages, I hear there are sky scrapers there now. We traveled all over the island on motor bike. Spent the night up on the volcano ridge freezing in a snow storm, then were on the beach the next day by lunch. Lots of great memories from that part of the world.