Sometimes it's the little things

This is what I love about Gadgeteer, being able to whip something up in 3 minutes. Check out the pic, my daughter has this starry sky that she likes to look at before going to sleep; she tells me she dreams of travelling to other galaxies. So I stuffed a mainboard, battery module and tinyServo module in this Apple TV box that was lying around at work, set the servo to run slow continous - and now I’m the biggest badassed daddy’o in the milky way, just because of that!

It’s the stuff great confirmation speeches are made of.


Oh ya that’s a Daddy score!!!

Good for your daughter to dream big and good on you for supporting those dreams. Gadgeteer rocks!!! You should put this on YouTube for other Dads.

When you make something like this that puts a big smile on your kids face is very cool.
And you can justify extra cash for the Gadgeteer slush fund from the missus :smiley:

Top effort.

Top stuff. It really is the little things. I bet the smile you got was priceless. :slight_smile:
Nice Job

I’d bet she will always remember it!

Best use of an Apple TV I’ve ever seen! Great story.

High five to the badass dad :slight_smile: well done

and here it is