Something wrong happens while writing code to the spider

The movie speaks for itself, sometimes i have to push the F5 button 3-4 times until it works,
Any idea why?


@ Gus - Thanks for replying, what do you mean by power?

@ andre.m - If it’s power issue, why does it works at the third or fourth time I press F5?

Very possible you are at the edge of having enough power. Have you tried a power pack or power hub?

@ Gus - No, but I plugged it to my desktop PC and there was the same problem. The red module may be corrupt?

the buttons on the modules can be difficult to press. you have to press very hard.

also, post your code.

But you know, two weeks ago it didn’t occurred to me…
So you say I should use the red module with the power input ?

So if i will use this module: USB Client DP Module

Can I plug both the micro usb and the power supply? Wouldn’t it burn the spider?

@ andre.m - What is this usb hub?