Someone is offering $10 to identify a board you already have

10 bucks for the first person who can identify all the #gadgeteer boards from @ GHIElectronics @ Gadgeteerin

FEZ Spider Mainboard, USB Client DP Module, Relay X1 Module, WiFi RS21 Module

Not sure about relay module.

Is that someone on the forum.

I suggested they should do a write up on their device in our forum.

Maybe we should pay him $10 to show off what he is making :slight_smile:

Looks like Duke grabbed the prize. Print it twice and you’ll have $20! :wink:

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@ ianlee74 - Printed off several hundred, which I’ll be using for my next Gadgeteer order :slight_smile:

@ Duke Nukem - please upload your money images and download any products you may need :wink: