Some spiders are crawling out of GHI

Thanks to those who make this community alive and also support GHI by buying new products. GHI will make a special case and ship some FEZ Spider Kits early to these community members:

Eric (ransomhall)
Jeff Birt
Thom (skewworks)
Valentin (Architect)

Note that the Gadgeteer code and design files are not public just yet. You will be programming the boards using pure NETMF code. We have uploaded the mainboard schematic and other modules you may need to start coding (have fun!)

We are doing our best to get the new gadgeteer SDK out.

Woot! Can’t wait for my FEZ Spider Starter Kit; already got a couple of projects in mind and the office is excited to see it. ;D

Sweet! Thanks a lot! :dance:

Pure Awesomeness :clap:


:dance: :dance: :dance:

Looking forward to receiving the Spider. I LOVE NEW TOYS!

FYI Guys - there is a new drop (8/19) of the gadgeteer core libraries at [url][/url]. They also updated the mainboard and module builders guides at [url][/url], which contain lots of good info to get us started.

Plus you have us here for any needed clarification. You guys are the first in the world (beside Microsoft) to receive a gadgeteer FEZ Spider kit so you may need help till more documentation is public.

In the whole wide world? Wowza! I’m going to need some bodyguards ;D

I am assuming that the Spider will use the current GHI and MS SDKs. I think the #1 dip switch needs to be changed to make the software think the board is a Cobra.

Using the Spider and Cobra schematics it should be easy to figure out the pin mappings between the boards.

Will all the modules of the Spider kit be shipping?

I am trying to think of a good first project.

All will ship but you can’t use the multicolor led yet or you will have to write a lot code!

Sounds like a challenge ;D

FEZ Spider Challenges!!!

DAY 1 - First to write RGB LED driver wins +1k internets…GO

There’s a Spider in my house!!! :smiley:

Lucky you. Mine scheduled tomorrow.

[quote]FEZ Spider Challenges!!!

DAY 1 - First to write RGB LED driver wins +1k internets…GO

You only have half a day left to finish the challenge :wink:

skewwy is a daaaawg…

Mine will not be here until tomorrow as well :frowning:

Just got back from lunch and found a mysterious box from GHI!!! ;D ;D ;D

Me too, I plugged it and and found out it ships with a program that uses the camera and LCD! Awesome!