Some Modules I'd Like to See

Just a reminder of some modules I’d like to purchase

Infra Red thermometer -70 to 900 C range (I know that is killer range but too much really is better then not enough, I want to be able to monitor my pizza oven or at least my BBQ)

Sound Pressure - between 10db (calm breathing) to 170dB (1m rifle shot) or at least 120dB

Pressure Sensor 0 - 25 lbs (I’d like another module capable of larger weights but this would be a workable start)

IR Range (various ranges)

Sonar Sensor (various ranges)

Air quality sensors of all types (don’t make me use Grove Modules please)

Light Beam Sensor (ie a broken beam switch)

Geiger Counter (this might be a nice Mueller Tube )


waterproof ultrasonic sensor that dows in the 3-8m range. (think mounted under the car, warning you when you’re not paying attention and playing with the radio trying to tune in that pesky station; ok that’s probably a step to far; when you’re putting in your next corrdinate into the GPS, and the traffic moves off, it’ll peep nicely at you)

Duke, there’s a Wiki page for module suggestions. Be sure and add your items there that aren’t already on the list or they may get lost in the forum over time.

Forgot one, a battery powered Clock module.