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Some high tech scam!


This is crazy but I love it. Can you image you put a FEZ inside there to simulate a hard drive? VERY easy to do!


Probably some file which was 128mb :whistle:
hahaha awesome :smiley:


Awesome! Laughing out loud with a big L :slight_smile:


Indeed high tech comparing to this one… :smiley:




How can you trust buying anything in china!


A friend of mine got into a bind when OnSemi had every distributor backordered on a particular transistor he uses and OnSemi is the sole source. He found a reel from a broker in China and bought it and had it overnighted. The board house called him and told him something was up as the parts were in a different orientation that usual. They looked at the parts under a microscope and it looked like they had all been sanded down and reprinted. My friend called OnSemi with the date code printed on them and found that indeed the whole reel was bogus.

You have to be careful and only deal with trusted sources.