Some help understanding a manual

Hi guys

Im sitting with my Panda 2, and this serial controlled servo controller:

And it got 2 modes. a super simple one, where i can send a couple of byte values (servo number and position)…
As described on page 5…
That works perfectly, but i really wanna use the more advanced mode (Pololu mode, Page 6), so i can fx. set a speed of rotation.
But i cant seem to understand exactly what to send for that.

This i what ive done:
I removed the jumper, to enable the Pololu Mode.
Then ive made some code to send, what i think is right:

public void MoveTo2(byte servoNumber, byte servoPos, byte speed = 0, byte sync = 128, byte deviceId = 1)
            //Set speed

            //Set posistion
        private void SendBytes(byte data)
            byte[] dataToSend = { data };
            _serial.Write(dataToSend, 0, dataToSend.Length);

        //Using it like this:

But i get a red LED lighting up, that means fatal error.
So i guess im sending something wrong…

Anyone who can understand what series of bytes i should send?

What baud rate are you using in the pololu mode? Try different rates. Make sure that speed and position values are within the specification as well.

(wild guess) Have you tried checking the servo numbers? My thinking is that this would be a simple sanity check.

[quote]If you want to just see the servo numbers setting without changing it, use the above
command, but use the value 16 for . The servo number settings will remain unchanged, but the green LED will flash to indicate the servo numbers, as described above.[/quote]

I found a class for controlling it…

That works like a charm, think ill look at the source code, and get a understanding