Some basic questions


hope its not a repost, I have searched the forum but not really find answers to my questions.

  1. I have googled for companies who create modules for .net gadgeteer, I found:
    GHI electronics,
    SyTech Designs,

are there other companies who create drivers and hardware?

  1. which module will you prefer to use an accumulator for a portable device?
    This one:
    Or this one:

any experiences?

  1. I dont know much about accus, so can anyone tell me which accu is good enough maybe for maximum, really maximum 10 modules? Lightweight? A runtime maybe about more hours? small?

  2. is there a roadmap for hardware or for drivers to see whats planned?

  3. Is an UMTS module planned or an USB driver for an umts stick?

  4. The Motor driver: is it suitable for servo motors or should I use an other module for it? I know you had 2 Motor drivers, where is the other one?

  5. What you will prefer for a live videostream, an usb camera or an extender module with an other camera?

My project, who has expected it, a drone ^^. Im new with .NETMF and .NET Gadgeteer. But I know to build such things, cause C# and .NET is my daily bread :slight_smile:

hope any can help me, that would be very nice.


that’s a lot of questions, so i may not get them all…

  1. You’ve listed the three that are well known. If there are others, they have not gone public with a product yet.

  2. not sure what you mean by “accumulator for a portable device” is, but if you mean a battery powered device, it does not matter which, as long as you stay within the specification of each. It is doubtful anyone will say one is better than the other in this forum.

  3. Not sure what accu means… short for accumulator? if so, not sure what you are asking. Each module has it’s own current draw, along with the mainboard, so there is no such thing as “max number of modules”. The question would be more like “max current draw of all module and mainboard”.

  4. There is a list that GHI maintains on the wiki here, but no schedule for what gets made when.

  5. What is a UMTS stick?

  6. Yes, suitable for 2 servos, with a separate power supply. You cannot power the servos from the gadgeteer.

  7. Not sure.

General comments - the gadgeteer platform is designed for quick prototyping. I do not think it would be optimal for building a UAV. It is certainly possible, but nobody has yet.


thx for the reply.

  1. Yeah accumulator, I meaned a battery powered device. Not a cable to get power. I mean like in a mobile :slight_smile:

  2. yeah (sry Im a german akku = akkumulator) I meaned accumulator. And so you mean I have to add all current draws to see what I need?

  3. (Suf-stick, Stick to get access to the internet over the Mobile communication system).

Really thx, so you said many tries it but no one has really a good job done?
I will try my best, so thats why I asked so many.

Best Regards

  1. Yes, add all current draws

  2. There is a GPRS modem, but nothing like the stick you asked about.

Many tries? No, a few folks here are doing UAV with FEZ boards, but not with Gadgeteer (yet).

So I hope my friend and me will be the first one :D.

Yeah but I need a connection to the internet, send commands receive smth, and receive a livestream, thats why I need a USB host module with the umts stick, and I know there is not USB driver for such thing so I will try to write some.

At now I see the FEZ Spider MB has not enough ports, 2 modules that I need cant I conntect. What can I do? Can I use the extender module or is there any other solution?

You really need to think about (and prototype) the “live stream” video idea. That is FAR from trivial, and handling that amount of data in a low-memory device may not be the easiest thing to do. And I could imagine then trying to send that amount of data over an internet stream, as you imply you want, could also be problematic. Just be prepared that this isn’t trivial, and there could be reasons why you’re breaking new ground.

I have a few ideas and some of them I will think about it and will bring it down to words :). One thing that I maybe prefer and which sounds simple is to build a little webserver on the device, on it there is a html site and maybe with flash (when I can run it on the device) or maybe HTML5, or whatever, I hope I can get access to a webcam and than I will go on my pc to this site and hope I can see a stream. Am I wrong? Yeah hope the umts rate will high enough for these.

Hope that HTML5 will not try to connect with the camera on my pc ^^. I know IP cameras which I have access about a little webpage, based on java or flash or smth else.

at appropriate resolutions, ie small, you may not have a problem getting the image data to the other side. Personally, I suspect you’re expecting too much to be able to do that on a device like this, but as long as you don’t get disheartened, complain that nobody told you, etc, then you can certainly try!

Yeah, I will give it a try, maybe it will work or maybe not, but when I dont try it, I cant find it out :).

Here is one last thing ( I hope so :). Here is the image of the components, that I need. I only want to know is this correct? What I dont know is the third motordriver in the right upper corner, with the extender module. When I delete the extender module, the FEZ Spider MB doestn have any connector for the third motor driver, its full. But when I add the extender module, I can add these module on each port/socket on the mainboard, is this correct? And when I have done this, I can add a new module.

Controller needs to be connected to a socket P. Extenders are just that: generic extensions. Just like a cable. It doesn’t care what you plug it into. In order to make your controller work, it needs to be plugged into socket type P, through as many cables and extenders as you use.

@ Moondragon - Welcome to the forum! Nice to see you’re not wasting any time answering questions :slight_smile:

I like that, first post and actually helping not asking questions :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community.

Thanks guys. You made me laugh.

And don’t worry… I’ll have plenty of questions soon enough.

Thx I understand, on the weekend, I will read the really nice pdf from your and will learn about the sockts. So maybe Im write, my extender + the controller is on the image connected to socket E for the ethernet?
Hope thats correct. So but what can I do, you see, I have to disconnect the extenter + the controller. And the board is full. The only way would be to create a distributor for socket P. FEZ Hydra has not enough sockets for me for what I want to do. Thx a lot for your help

Sry for my misunderstand, I hope now I know what you mean MoonDragon. You mean I have to connect the extendermodule to the p socket and I can use the signal pins on the side of the extender, to make a new connector so I can use it for 2 controllers on one Mainboard P socket?


No Chris. The extender module does not do anything. It’s just a “pass through” module. Just like a wire. It doesn’t do anything in this case. So, if you connect it to an E socket, then it will behave like an E socket. If you plug it into a P socket, it will behave like a P socket.

As far as you problem of not enough sockets… well, that’s a problem. You cannot plug 3 motor controllers into FEZ Spider board. There just isn’t enough many sockets. If you need more than two P type sockets, you will need to have more than one FEZ Spider boards, or find a different motherboard that has more than two P type slots.

I hope that was clear.

Of course it was clear thx.

But why does the extender has 2 connectors? one from the mainbaord TO the extender and from the extender TO another thing as a long cable and the other pins. I have seen some videos who has connect some electronic on the free pins hope you know what I mean. Only for electronic that has not a cable such as the cable from the package or for what?

Many of the modules do not use all the pins. You can take advantage of those unused pins with the extender. It also just so happens to work nicely on a breadboard without a module on the second connector.

Very thx to all of you. I understand and I have to find an other solution for 3 controllers, and that is not easy think so…