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[SOLVED]Still have troubles to set up complete IFU


I have some troubles to set up IFU.
In order to check my hex files:

Does anyone can tell me on EMX what should be the base address of the managedBootloader and the main app?


Have you checked pyxis OS source codes from skywworks?


Hello Gus

Yes I have read almost ten times the doc and pyxis source code. This does not answer to my question…

One point of doubt is that my managedBootloader enable “SystemUpdate.AlwaysRunBootloader”. I deploy the bootloader in bootloader mode and stop it juste before executing: SystemUpdate.AlwaysRunBootloader.

I execute then MFdeploy, but the “create application deployment” tools seems to restart the board and then I don’t know if I am in bootloader mode or application mode. Sometimes, the managedBootloader starts at 0x80110000 sometimes at 0x80140000. I think that the correct one is 0x80110000 am I wrong?


I know we are working on some tutorials for IFU that will be available in the next couple weeks maybe.


Ok Gus… I am waiting as a child in front of the christmas tree :slight_smile:


Sorry to insist…

Unfortunately, business planning push me under pressure and I have to install proto board for customers in the next couple of hours or days. The information about base address of managedBootloader in the case of complete IFU is therefore important to me. Before having a wonderfull tutorial from GHI, may anyone can tell me the base address of its managedBootloader and its main app? This is realy easy to obtain with MFDeploy, it takes two minutes (just read IFU files using the browse button). God bless the EMX user that will give me this information :slight_smile:


Correct me if I’m wrong:

bootloader: 0x80110000
application: 0x80140000


Hello Gralin I agree with you last post. Unfortunately, I do not succeed to retrieve the binary with the correct start address. My problem is that as soon as MFDeploy starts, the EMX seems to be in Application mode.


Look at the IFU sample project that is available in this driver source:

You can adapt it to work on EMX without no problem. Remember that you have to deploy the FezApplication twice (reboot in between) so that the flash gets formated. Then use a button to switch to bootloader. After you do that deploy the FezBootloader. It has a 10s timeout after which is switches back to application mode. You can extend that time so that you manage to download the bytes using MFDeploy.


Many thanks Gralin. I finally succeed to make it works. To be truth the process is still a little bit strange but at least it works and my boss can install the product for its customers. In the future I will need to rewrite it in order to have something better and clear to me. As soon as a new tuto will be available, I will test it.

I have read a little bit the source code from codeplex, it is not so different that what I did. My main problem was coming from the fact that EMX was cycling from BL mode to APP again and again… Finally I decided to use SELECT as a way to stop cycling (i.e. if BL mode, does not go to APP) and at last, I obtain a BL with a start adress at 0x8011.

Again many thanks for the help provided by GHI team and the forum community.