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[SOLVED] FEZ Domino does not boot when mode pins are shorted


I’m trying to enable the mass storage capability of the fez domino. I soldered a switch with a 10k resistor between the mode pads. When the resistor is switched out everything works fine. I can deploy my application and debug via USB. When I switch the resistor in and reboot the fez it doesn’t boot my application. Has anyone ever seen this type of behavior?


It is probably an exception that you are not seeing. Use serial debugging to step in your code


How does changing the debugging mode cause an exception? I have a simple bit of code that makes my device beep at the very beginning of my application and it isn’t doing even that. It works fine in USB debug mode. I guess I don’t understand how changing the debug mode could cause an exception immediately.


Is your uart RX pin left floating? Noise coming in will cause problems. Try pull up or pull down



Good thought. I’ll check it out and let you know. Like always thanks for the help.



I don’t use a resistor on the Panda ! I just ground out the mode pin.

Cheers Ian



That did it. Thank you so much. I was going crazy on that one…should have realized that the COM1 pin would be floating. Works like a charm now.