SolderMonkey Advanced ADC

Does anyone know how I could view the source code settings to upgrade the SolderMonkey Advanced ADC? I downloaded the BETA SDK from Solder Monkey and .NETMF 4.3 does not appear to be supported. I want to get his settings for the SPI communications. Here is where I got his SDK:

I guess I am about to dip into the world of writing a driver, but would like a starting point for the ADC chip that he uses in that module.

Thank you for any information.


@ L1256937 - Did you see the link for the 4.3 SDK beta?

I haven’t installed it, so I don’t know if it includes support for the Advanced ADC module, but might be worth a try.

@ Jordan, if you install the latest SDK from the product page, you have to look for the module AdvancedADC in the netmf 4.3 folder.

Hi there. Thanks for the quick replies…I should have clarified…I have installed the latest SDK with 4.3 and it certainly is in the object browser. However, I get errors and there are no methods available.

Just wondering if anyone knew how to access the information for that module that is similar to the GitHub repository for the GHI modules. I basically want the addressing information for the SPI interface. If we can’t find it, I will go back to the datasheet and see if I can figure it out based off some other GHI modules that use SPI.

Thanks for the help.


@ L1256937 - Maybe this helps

Or just ask Bruce at Soldermonkey directly.