Solder stencil order

I’m putting an order in for a solder stencil for my UAV sensor board. I need much less than the full 8.5x11" so if anyone has a design ready to go please let me know.

Here’s where I’m ordering from:

Andrejk, Pololu have a cutting service too, their website specifically for it is - they will only charge you for the area that you want cut. I’ve used them a number of times and can highly recommend them.

Ah, ok. I see they carry several different thicknesses (3 and4 mil).

It looks like ohararp will be cheaper though… their 8x11 price is the same as Pololu’s minimum price. ($25)

I also looked at kits that let you make your own SMT stencils on copper or stainless steel. This actually looks pretty managable, but figured I probably shouldn’t bite off too many learning experiences at once. :slight_smile:

Hmm ok, i’ll have a look into ohararp for when i do my balloon pcb’s :slight_smile: