Soil Moisture Sensor For FEZ Panda

I figured out that i need one of those —>

But i do not know how to connect them and configure them. Adn which one to buy.
Please if somebody can assist me. Thank you in advance

they appear to simply be variable resistance devices. That means you connect them to the 3v3 and GND connectors on Panda and an ADC input port. Read the device by reading the ADC in.

Edit: watch their first video, it tells you nicely how to wire it up - it even says there’s a wiring diagram on the blade :slight_smile:

Ok how can i define with is the Negative Positive and which the ground. The 3 pin blocks usually have 3 cables red white black…if i m corect the middle one is the ground one right?.. I will simple take a cable from a 3 pin block cut it and connect it with the soil moisture sensor?
Thanks in advance!

eblocks have GND, VCC, and SIGNAL. if you have coloured wires, that would be the BLK, RED, WHT respectively. I don’t have any eblock connectors or devices to confirm what is the orientation of them for you though.

GND is also sometimes called negative; VCC is positive.

From the video: the bare wire goes to GND; red wire goes to 3v3 or 5v; black wire goes to the SIGNAL which is connected to your AnalogIn pin.

Thanks me lad. I fixed it earlier. Red is hot White(middle) is signal and Black GND :smiley: thnx again

sweet ! How damp is the garden?? :slight_smile: