Soft Boot into USBizi Bootloader to Update GHI Firmware

I have a USBizi module on a custom board and it does not have access to the BL pin to force a boot into the bootloader. It does have a USB port for application deployment and debugging. I want to now upgrade the GHI firmware. Is there a way I can code a command to force a switch to COM mode and boot into the bootloader so I can use Tera-Term to load the new GHI firmware?

Or better yet, can I update the GHI firmware from code using the SystemUpdate class?

I think there was some secret way! Please contact GHI directly and point out your commercial use.

I don’t need this anymore. My hardware guy added some jumper wires to our prototype board and he’s going to add leads to next set of boards.

I’ll be in contact Gus real soon to talk production. Just gotta get our prototype board going first.