Socket Issues


I want to transfer some data between Java and my ChipworkX-Development-System using Sockets. That works, I create a listenSocket, bin an endpoint, call Listen on it - no problem.
After that i want to receive data in a loop, so i call Socket receiveSocket = listenSocket.Accept() and this blocks until I receive data - I read the data… - all working perfekt. Afterwars I close the receiveSocket and want to do another Accept. But this Accept does not react like before - I get no connection (on the same way as before) to my listenSocket. Accept just blocks and does nothing more.

What I’m doing wrong? I tried different ways, but I do not get a Connection with my Java-Client to the Port any more - only 1 time.

Thanks for your help!

Regards, anm

Search for ‘webserver’ on in that code search for ‘linger’

did you close the socket?

It might help to post your code.