Socket client on Mountaineer

I am looking to start a project using the Mountaineer Ethernet board and I am doing some research before I begin coding.

Does anyone have any experience, issues, problems or code samples showing how they’ve used sockets to communicate between a Mountaineer board and a C# program running on a PC. The Mountaineer is likely to be a socket client connecting to a PC acting as a socket server. I won’t need to send large amounts of data between client and server

Any thoughts or help would be greatly received. I hope to get coding soon and will post some examples and ask more specific questions later.


Aside from some special initialization code, MF socket code is a subset of full .NET socket code. No async support in MF. The basics are identical.

check out the System.Net.Sockets Namespace in the MS 4.3 MF documentation.

@ Mike - I’ll take a look and keep you posted.