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So Long, and Thanks for All the Fish


Tomorrow I’m off on a 26hr plane ride to see the wife and kids in Middle Earth for 3 months.

Since they all run round in grass skirts and bare feet down under i dont expect to be online much, so whilst i’m away play nice and behave in the NETMF sandpit :smiley:

Can you see why i am happy to fly out?

First picture is a typical UK street
Second picture is where the family is living - house is just to the right :clap:


You’re sure you won’t mis those rainy days than ??


@ PiWi - Warmer rain in NZ - thats why it’s green :smiley:


@ Justin - It won’t be long than for some real November Rain :wink:


@ Justin - Safe trip and have a great time with family!


Take care @ Justin and as difficult as it might be, try to have some fun while your there :slight_smile: If you get tried of all that green while your there, come on up to Canada as we are just heading into our ‘white’ phase and you would get lots of work done while here.

As for playing nice in the .NetMF sandpit, you might not recognize the place when you get back :wink:


@ Justin - Have a nice and safe journey to the other side of the planet and maybe you think of us a bit when walking down whangaumu bay 8) … and thank you for your service in this nice restaurant :clap:


@ Justin - Have a safe trip and embrace the precious time with your family. It was amusing to see your contributions. You have been a source of inspiration to many others. Middle earth seems to be a great place to build new inspiration while be able to take a few steps back from netmf and watching the whole technology with a helicopter view.


Safe trip and I’m sure you’ll have a great time with the family.


Those grass skirts will be flashing and beeping by Xmas.

Hope you get through the tech withdrawal in one piece.


Safe travels! Thank you so much for your contributions. You have taught and contributed much!


have a nice trip.
I hope you have a The Hitchhiker’s Guide
so don’t panik and have The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul


Have a good trip! I’ll be thinking of you whenever looking [em]exactly[/em] downwards :smiley:


@ Justin - have a great time down under. Looking at your picture, I’m missing home now! :’(


How about you host the next .netmf workshop weekend at your place?

Safe travels and thanks for so much. I’m sure you’ll get withdrawal symptoms sooner that you think…


@ Justin -

Have a WONDERFUL time with the family!


Awesome idea. I suspect I’m not the closest from the forum here, but I bet I’m damn closer than 90% :slight_smile:


have a safe trip Justin. Hope your dad’s PnP machine gets a workout !


My trusty stead awaits…

@ all - thanks for all the well wishes :slight_smile:

Auf Wiedersehen…


Enjoy the VERY long flight Time to pull out the laptop and make a new NETMF design while you get to your destination!