So... are the new product announcements done?

May 26th now (at least in NZ)

We were led to believe that 3 new products would be announced on May 1…

We got the g80 and g120e… was the 2015 R1 SDK the 3rd? Is there another one coming?

Any news on the gadgeteer Rpi2 hat?

Will I learn these things if I bite the bullet and become an inider?

Now that Im working full time again, I have about 5 minutes a week to play around with my hardware. I cant waste it staring off into space daydreaming about when the rpi2 hat is released…

oh no we are not done. It is just too beautiful to leave the beach and do work :wink:

Let’s hope for some rainy days!


Okay… what about now? :smiley:

Never :whistle:

Any unofficial ETA on the Rpi2 Hat, or is that longish-term?

Or put another way, if I sign the NDA and join the “insiders” will I be able to get that question answered?

Personal estimate here to help you. While Win10 is pre-release software, I am not expecting there to be availability. I hate the extra cost / overhead of multiple orders from the US, but sometimes you just have to jump in if you want a stream of tinker projects.