So Alljoyn will run on Thread which runs on 802.15.4 which Zigbee is based on

So are we all (those that will use Alljoyn) headed for a Zigbee world?

WiFi + BTLE + Zigbee + Alljoyn covers just about every base I can imagine. What else would you need except for a way to extend the mesh to other planetary locations?

@ ianlee74 -

extend the mesh to other planetary locations?


Question: Anyone have experience with this? I’m building out a yard sensor and I’m wondering if it is worth it to get it working with Alljoyn, or if it’s just a bunch of effort that likely comes to naught?

Yes, I’ve invested substantial time and effort in getting AllJoyn to work, esp. cross-platform. I have it working between RPi 1 running Debian and for OTA deployment, RPi2 running Win10, Desktop Win10 and Desktop Debian. I think there are significant payoffs that will continue to grow over time. You don’t have to reinvent the onboarding, discovery and description problems, and those problems are solved in a ‘standardized’ way (understanding that there are multiple competing ‘standards’).

To me, it is a ‘development lubricant’ in that it lets us do less yak shaving and spend more time and effort on-task. My effort and interest is around attention-modeling for users and making pervasive sensor/actuator/annunciator systems socially tolerable. IoT may make internet functionality pervasive, but it doesn’t make it pleasant to live with. My interests are around using cloud-based machine learning approaches to assist in making information presentation convenient by modeling the user’s activity and attention states. I’ll never get to that bit if I keep having to solve basic problems of onboarding and discovery.

AllJoyn isn’t perfect. I started out as a protocol developer, and I have issues with some of the AllJoyn choices, but it gets enough of the job done, and better than the alternatives I’ve examined, so I can get on with the tasks I really care about.

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