SNTP Server

Is there a TinyCLR SNTP Server available?
I understand there was one developed for NETMF.

The original version 1.1 of microserver includes an SNTP server with both relay and local time source support. Unfortunately, this version is only for .NET Micro Framework but could be ported over to the most current version of TinyCLR.

Release v1.1.0 · microcompiler/microserver (


Why can’t is be ported

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Yeah, I don’t see any reason why it can’t be ported. Other then the time to do it. :slight_smile:

The SNTP server module was the least downloaded module (package) from microserver version 1.1 therefore it’s been a pretty low on the list to port over to microserver version 2.0 with TinyCLR support.

Thanks @sytak. Having a quick look I cannot find the object SNTPData which is used in NtpServer.cs. I can find a SntpMessage class. Am I missing something?

It’s been a really long time sense I have looked at this code but sntpservice.cs should be your starting class. I think ntpserver.cs is part of the client. I don’t remember where sntpdata.cs as a class fits in. Unfortunately I’m not in front of my computer.

If this is something your looking to use let me take a look at the code this weekend and see what it might take to port it over.

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That would be greatly appreciated. Let me know if I can assist. I will continue to work through the code as well.

@Drovers_Dog I was able to port the SNTP module over to microserver. I have not fully tested it but I did get the basics working. If you have a SC2026D dev board you should be able to download the source code and run the sample project in the playground folder.

Also you can get the nuget build packages from:


@sytak Thank you, very much appreciated. I had mixed success over the weekend so look forward to trying your library. Unfortunately I will not get a chance until the weekend. I do have a SC20260D dev board :smiley:.

@sytak, thank you for your recent updates. I have successfully run an SNTP server on the SC20260D development board and an SNTP client on the SC20100S development board, and updated the rtc and system clock on both. I will look to update the server to get its timesource from GPS. I note the “Install-Package Bytewizer.TinyCLR.Sntp” cannot find the packages, will you be providing these by NuGet? Thank you.

Great! I’m glad it worked for you. Yes I will be publishing all of the microserver packages shortly. For now you can always download the latest packages as assets attached to each commit.

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Packages can now be found on NuGet :

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@sytak are you planning to update the NuGet packages for SNTP to link against TinyCLR 2.2?
I am getting a deployment error Bytewizer.TinyCLR.Logging.Abstractions and it looks as though it is looking for mscorlib 2.1.

@Drovers_Dog I have updated the sntp server to now reference version TinyCLR OS 2.2. You can find all 38 updated NuGet packages including the sntp server, http server, socket server and clients, di, compression plus a handful of other libraries. Let me know if you have any issues.


Thank you. All working well so far.

@sytak, sorry to trouble you again. Would you be able to update the NuGet packages to link against the update libraries (v2.2.0.4200-RTW) when convenient. Thanks.

I have updated the sntp server to now reference version TinyCLR OS

Also, I have added a new Generic Host package to the build process in case dependency injection and generic hosts are anyone’s thing.


Thank you.