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Snow labyrinth


Here is something for you guys to take a break and have a good laugh, or make a robot to solve the snow labyrinth.



RWAR could solve the snow labyrinth pretty easily.

Of course, I live in Misery, I mean, Missouri, so it will be cold and overcast for the next 6 months, but we won’t get any interesting weather.

Bummer, too, I am hoping for some decent snow to see how RWAR’s mobility platform runs in the snow/ice.


Funny stuff Architect, thanks



No we need a video of the RWAR solving a snow labyrinth. :wink:
What does RWAR stand for?


Real Wild Arse Ride. :wink:


LOL. For real? :o


Don’t listen to Bstag, he’s trying to cause trouble ::slight_smile:

RWAR == Rapid Waypoint Acquiring Robot
Rapid Waypoint Attaining Rover

I can’t remember which one it is ???


my rawr name fit my experience with no tuning :>


Cool! I like that name better than Arse one ;D


Meh, for right now RWAR is taking a break. Too cold for me.

The quadcopter is more of an indoor thing… I think…


[quote]Meh, for right now RWAR is taking a break. Too cold for me.

The quadcopter is more of an indoor thing… I think…

That’s only phase 1.

Your PID won’t get as much of a workout inside - outside there are wind gusts, down bursts, thermals and the like!!


Surprisingly, we don’t have much wind at all in Misery — I mean, Missouri.

I will note, however, that most quadcopter maidens appear to be made in people’s garages. No idea why, but I think it might have to do with the lack of wind and stuff.

Oh, also, saw an AR Drone flying around to mall today. Was pretty impressed at how stable it was, then I remembered that mine will be about twice it’s size and just the flight computer alone costs about as much as an entire AR Drone :o


No wind = good for road cycling and flying UAV.

Here in costal Florida, a calm day is very much the exception, all year long.

As far as the garage, I assuming that’s a controlled environment - no rain & wind. Perhaps for most that’s where the work area is. Also, the likelihood of nice lamps, vases and other fragile items is rather low!

Looking forward to your project page on your quad.


No, you don’t understand, the second I get my bike out, the wind picks up and it is ALWAYS blowing against me. It really sucks because I really enjoy cycling, but I hate it when I am just battling the wind constantly.


There’s a difference between air coming against you due to you doing 20+ mph and wind that is atmosphericly generated :wink:

I’m a roadie, so I can very much appreciate this. The ocean breezes around here are crazy, pretty much year long. I’ve been nearly blown over a couple of times, and I’m a pretty big guy!

For us, the winds are our version of mountains :smiley:


I can tell the difference from a 30MPH+/- gust generated from me moving, and the 20+ MPH gusts ripping down the river valley :smiley:

HOWEVER, when I do occasionally turn out of the wind, it’s awesome. ;D I can just scoot along with almost no effort…


My best times coming home from work are about 16% quicker than my normal average due to a strong tail wind those days.

It’s a savings of nearly 2.5 minutes on only a ~5 mile trip. My best time is 13:10 vs an average of about 15:30ish (due a lot to mostly head winds on my southernly ride).