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Snippet - XMODEM for Full .NET Framework on PC


IggMoe (cute dog), I just had to register and thank you for the XMODEM C# code. Excellent work. I have wrapped it in PowerShell to produce a script and shortcut that assembly folk can just click on to program Digi’s Xbee programmable 802.15.4 radio via bootloader in a production environment. Digi (those buttheads) have no “Flashing” tool that they currently support outside the CodeWarrior development environment (which is hardly appropriate for production and hideously time consuming since you have to compile each time).

Your code was perfect right from the get-go. Let me know if I can send pizza…


@ Frobozz - No prob. I was in your same shoes years ago, and a little shocked at how little (and free - most important part!) Xmodem source code was out on the web, especially for such an ancient protocol. This code was designed to be easy to integrate, so I’m glad to know it was useful for your application.


Please send me the code of xmodem for .net framework.

thank you


please download it by yourself