Snippet - WiFi RS21 module example with FEZ Spider

[title]WiFi RS21 module example with FEZ Spider[/title]
This example code explains how to use WiFi RS21 Module with FEZ Spider in a .NET Gadgeeer environment.

To run this code, You need to create a new .NET Gadgeteer application and add the following modules to the gadgteeer designer:
FEZ Spider
WiFi RS21 Module
A module for power.

Then use the code snippet below in Program.cs. It is better that you read and practice writing it in your project. I personally don’t like to copy/paste stuff because I would not learn ;).

This line is missing from your project on the Code sight:

Shouldn’t it show up on all projects where the checkbox had been checked?


Josh, Thanks for your help.

It is still not showing up in the latest project I posted last night at:


Perhaps my description is too long ??

I am fairly new to the gadgeteer world. I am heavily versed in Arduino and have many years of experience with that hardware. I am trying to get the wifi module up and running with my gadgeteer and am having some serious issues. Primarily, every example I try, including yours, the “wifi” nor the “WiFiNetworkInfo” are even defined in the context. I can get there with WiFi_RS21 but the Scan() function isn’t present. I feel like I am missing a crucial piece here to make it work. Any thoughts? I am updated to 4.2 and all hardware is also updated.

@ JuiceBox for as active as this community is this is an old and buried thread (10 months is pretty much ancient history here), but you might want to look at:

The only thing that has changed since is you can simply omit the wifi_RS21.NetworkDown and wifi_RS21.NetworkUp events.

I certainly agree on the archaic nature of the thread, however being new to the gadgeteer and .net it requires a bit of a history lesson to catch up. The problem seems to be a missing library on my part. “wifi” is not defined when I try to implement it which is what is leading me to believe a connection is being dropped. Everyone’s code seems to be identical to what I have which again, leads me to believe I am missing some library reference.

I will generally construct a program using the create gadgeteer 4.2 dialog, populate the layout with modules and drop code into ProgramStarted(). It took me a while to figure out Main() was being called in Program.Generated.cs so you can probably imagine it has been a rough start.

I think we have all been there, fortunately you are among a community of very helpful and knowledgeable people at TinyCLR which help get you up to speed fairly quickly.