Snippet - Twitter Box, powered by

Twitter Box, powered by

This projects uses to send tweet events from Twitter to Pusher. Pusher then sends them to a Fez Cobra board. The board flicks a relay which flashes a light. This way the light flashes any time someone tweets a specific keyword. lets you wire up a bunch of applications with your micro controller, via pusher’s websocket service.


Very cool! I like your lamp too. Did you make it?

Nice! Your LED matrix makes me think there’s an R2D2 in there waiting to be completed :wink:

Paul, Very cool!

I was recently looking at WebSockets and Pusher for possible use in a home automation project, and now after seeing what you have done I’m even more convinced that this is the way to go!

Thanks for your contribution.

Just watched the video, this is a very cool project!

Very interesting. I built a Cerberus version and found some of the strings etc have changed a bit, but otherwise works great. Might have to use this as a sample project for my user group presentation as its guaranteed to produce a few tweets (if that is OK).

Would be interesting to hear more about, as it seems to give me twitter events in bunches, and sometimes seems to stop. Anything I need to do to get a smoother fresher flow of events (I’m using like your example)?

I liked the LED panel thing and so using a couple of LED Matrix Modules which flash random patterns when the device receives new events (all LEDs on when starting up, which is how it is here as I wasn’t getting any ‘gadgeteer’ events).