Snippet - T35 - Simple scrolling debugging output

T35 - Simple scrolling debugging output

I put together this simple module to output debugging information on the display. This would eventually be replaced by an application’s UI.

It offers options for the built in large and small fonts as well as the option to mirror to the VS debugging output.

To use, simply set the T35 property, and then call AddToLog with what you want to display on the screen. All that needs to be done is to set the namespace to your solution’s name so that the fonts can be referenced.


Good job!

Thanks – it 's just a quick and dirty way for me to build a device, and see some output. I could then do the UI later on once the HW stuff was taken care of.

Perhaps it would be more efficient to use a string[] array instead of the arraylist, but it’s a temporary output only.

Usefull for sure, thanks

very cool indeed…
would you m,ind adding your class to the Exception Logger below…


It’s free to use as you wish.

Thanks, i will make the changes…and update to Codeshare…

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Your library is very comprehensive … mine not so much :slight_smile:

Thanks to those working on this (and +1’d). It’s a super handy thing to have. Somebody had posted a similar snippet (auto scrolling text display) in another forum that never made it to codeshare. This one will be easier to find and tweak!

Excellent - I was just about to implement something very similar when this showed up!

Suggestion: Instead of referencing the T35 display specifically, you’re only ever actually using SimpleGraphics, so if you store a reference to SimpleGraphics instead wouldn’t it then allow it to work for Seeed’s 128x128 OLED too? Also maybe Sytech’s 4.3" screen and GHI’s forthcoming 7". I’m sure number of lines could be calculated dynamically from screen parameters too rather than be hard-coded.


Certainly makes sense - I’ll look into making these changes.

Any progress on this, the logger and exception-handler is “basic” starter stuff for a new project. And it looks very promising.

Any news?

Nice job, Very useful!