Snippet - Nuget package for IngenuityMicro Silicon Flash Memory

I just posted Nuget package for IngenuityMicro Silicon Flash Memory on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


Here’s a photo of the setup… Had some SPI troubles and thought my cables were too long, hence the weird spliced jumpers. This is Si running on SPI2 using PB9 for chip select.


let me guess, the shorter cables didn’t change anything ? :whistle: .

Not that I’ve been there (splicing) but I’ve spent a while “making monster audio cables”, AKA hand picking the shortest ones in the box, only to figure out that the problem I was chasing wasn’t a problem…

Of course it fixed something! The project is now much prettier and you can actually see the boards that were hiding behind all that spaghetti.

(24 cm was a wee bit excessive)

Nice stuff … and I thought they could not be ordered ??

But than again, my dad always said, I shouldn’t think that much, I should leave that to a horse, got a much bigger head …

PS: This is from Edge on Windows 10 Build 10162 … just installed … up to VS2015RC … to test the latest greatest molecules.

PPS: @ mcalsyn … the shop url address could totally be loaded … got stuck but one could see the packages flying by in verbose mode …


Fantastic! I’ve never heard that one before. :clap: