Snippet - New TinyCLR using FEZ Panda III

I just posted New TinyCLR using FEZ Panda III on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.


@ willgeorge - very cool. TinyCLR made it there

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@ Gus -

Thanks. Now if only I could get SPI to work! (Not smart enough)

@ willgeorge - the basic API usage looks like the below:

var device = SpiDevice.FromId(SpiDevice.GetDeviceSelector("SPI1"), new SpiConnectionSettings(0) { Mode = SpiMode.Mode0, ClockFrequency = 4000000 });

device.TransferFullDuplex(new byte[0], new byte[0]);

@ John -

Thank You!

Good work, I’m discovering TinyClr too.
I’ll use I2c, but without debugger it could be hard ! I hope new version comes soon…

I have already done a button class, a led class and 4digit grove one. When i2c succeeds, I’ll put on codeshare.

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Ah, I just posted some i2c-code in the Tiny-CLR-News-Thread, maybe that helps