Snippet - i need help please

I just posted i need help please on Codeshare. Feel free to discuss and make suggestions here.

We don’t post code questions through the codeshare. Codeshare is for working examples and complete projects. Just start a thread with you question and post the code snippet there.

Post deleted, please ask here and we will gladly help.

hey !
Sorry and thanks :slight_smile:

to my question…

I own the FEZ Panda 2 board. I have the task of my university to program a light barrier and to construct it. If the light barrier gets disconnect, than the leds will light up. I want to expand that as I would rather play a song instead of turning on the lights in the program. My idea was to save a song on a SD card and put it into the panda board. Is it possible to play a song by plug in some stereo boxes into the board? If so, how? Do I have to programm a media player? If so, how?
Im looking forward for your ideas!