Snippet - Gadgeteer eBlock Piezo Module

Gadgeteer eBlock Piezo Module

Have an old eBlock piezo you want to use with Gadgeteer? Just get an a breakout module or extender, cut your e-block wire and solder the black wire (ground) to pin 10 on the breakout and the signal wire (usually white or green) to pin 9, you don’t need to connect the positive wire. Then use this code and bam! Or should we say buzzzzzz.

This will eventually be completed to a full Gadgeteer installer package, but figured I would post what I have so far.

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Nice! I did something similar with the eBlock piezo, but using the eBlock expansion module, which I think has been discontinued.

Helpful to have code that works with the extender or breakout, for folks who don’t have the eblock expansion module.

Yeah, before I put mine out I looked to see if there was anything similar, and I saw your’s but that it required the eblock module which isn’t listed on GHI’s site anymore. Plus, the breakout boards are cheaper (only $1 each) than the eblock module.

Yep. Good stuff.

Not sure why the eblock expansion isn’t available any more. Probably just a stop-gap while the channel for modules was filling up. I think almost everything that was available as an eblock is now available as a module, with the exception of the Piezo.

Actually, @ Architect designed a Piezo module, but I’m not sure if he ever offered it for sale:

i might have something next week :wink:

I’m still waiting for a voltage module, something that can catch lower power levels like you would see off batteries or USB chargers.

@ devhammer - Yeah that was one of the first modules.

Settings up a store and start selling my modules is on the list, but unfortunately it is a very low priority at the moment. You never know though, things might change.

@ Architect - Surely a Superhuman (love the name change) like yourself can do it all, right? :wink:

Sounds like @ Justin may beat you to the punch, though. At least on the module, anyway. You’ll probably have an online store setup before he does. :smiley:

Priorities, priorities

@ devhammer - you want modules that are slightly hard to order via email…or a shiny store with nothing in it :smiley:

Perhaps an alternative until a true module is available?: