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Sneak Peak of my latest FEZ based project


Just a teaser…


and the PCB…


Looking good Jeff!


Very elegant looking, just need some sticker on top with a monkey on it! :wink:


Nice work, indeed!


We just got done checking the 802.15 (Zigbee) radio module (silver can on side) and found it is working properly! The only thing that has not worked out well was the microSd connector I used. I used the layout from the Panda 2 but had the part # for the Domino’s connector written down in my notes, so the connectors I have wont fit the board. I think I foudn some that will work, in Canada of all places, last night so I have 10 of them on the way (only about $12 for 10 pieces and half of that was shipping charges).

The radio module has a Arm Cotrex M0 controlling it and uses some custom protocols developed here at the university to chose routes based on Quality Of Service and to minimize power consumption.

The very cool thing is that converting the existing code we have to run on this board took about 10 seconds: just had to remove the reference to the Domino hardware and add the more generic USBizi hardware reference.


“Freakin’ Easy!” … wait, I suppose to say “Fast and Easy” now :smiley:


Oh No! The Politically Correct Police have caught the Fez!. Is there no where safe?


nice work Jeff!


Nice work Jeff,
Glad you fulfilled my request and posted some pictures 8)


That looks very nice.

Can you tell which enclosure this is ?
it looks very nice and i think it fits my needs as well.


Sure, here is where we got the case from: . They are very heavy duty cases and are working well for us.