SMT Oven recommendations

(Please forgive me if this has been discussed in the recent past. I couldn’t find anything.)

Do any of you have recommendations for small SMT reflow ovens below $500? The T-962 seems popular but it appears it doesn’t perform well without upgrades and modifications. I am looking for something that requires the least amount of hacking to make work well. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

I have the T-962 and it works out of the box for leaded solder. I have not yet pulled min apart to do the modifications but I plan to soon as I need to start using it again and it stinks like hell because of the masking tape.

The modifications will allow me to use it for lead free solder too. I did try this before but I ended up with poor reflow.

@ skeller - Why not modify a hot plate? You’ll have to use a plate of aluminum and some graphite sheet to make the temp even; but why not.

I am using a very simple pizza oven with external controller from this “reflow kit” :

But you need a good airing around to remove the stench of the solder paste.

I have a T-962 too and i am very happy with it… Works very well without modification.

I too use a T-962 and the only mod I did was to replace the masking tape with Kapton tape. It definitely has hot spots, but works well generally.

T-962A is better for even temps due to the higher wattage.

I have a couple and both work very well.

Thanks everyone for the advice.

Is there a difference between the T-962A and T-962?

Alot of folks here use that oven. I guess I’ll have to get one.

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@ Dave McLaughlin - Yea, but at least you’re spending wisely :smiley:

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