Smt (de)soldering tip

Hello everyone,

I’m not sure if that’s still OK for general discussion or if it should go into off-topic…

Either way I just wanted to give a tip for smt (de)soldering… I got the ChipQuick delux package (see picture attached) from digi-key a while ago ( and I absolutely love it.

You can find some videos about it on youtube… even Sparkfun made a video for it as they carry the starter kit

It came in extremely handy for my Cerb40 as I found the regulator and cap on some other hardware and with my regular soldering iron I was able to lift them off within few minutes. Had I used my heat gun it would have taken at least as long and I’d have to apply a lot more heat that might risk destroying the components.

I sometimes even use it for through-hole stuff, especially when I want to replace multi-pin headers or some ICs that are directly soldered onto the board.

I don’t get anything from this suggestion but I really love using that stuff so I wanted to share it with you. Enjoy your SMT components… :slight_smile:

That looks like a handy first-aid kit to keep around :wink:

I think the unwritten rule here is that “General Discussion” means “general discussion about FEZ & NETMF/Gadgeteer that doesn’t fit another topic” and “Off Topic” means everything else (such as this). Yea, they either need new names or just be combined. Everyone gets it wrong the first time or two :wink:

Well in one way SMT soldering is netmf related, especially with the new Cerb40 board. But it’s also pretty general because soldering isn’t something you’d only do on your netmf board. I guess this one has a 50/50 chance of fitting both definitions depending on how you look at it ???

P.S. That deluxe edition from digi-key might look a bit expensive at first but if you never worked with SMT components and want a kit that gives you everything you need in a practical box then it’s really worth it rather than buying all the components seperately.