Smart Multicolor LED Module queston

I was looking at the Smart Multicolor LED Module for the Spider kit. I am curious why GHI decided to pop a 32bit microcontroller on the board to control the RGB led. Seems like more work to create firmware for it and all than to just instead placing something like an PCA9633 on there.


Am i missing something ?

Smart Multicolor LED - is a DaisyLink module. It has to implement Gadgeteer DaisyLink protocol. That MCU is perfect for it.

One simple reason, it is illegal to use anything less than 32-bit at GHI :slight_smile:

I am kidding, this chip is the best to fit our needs and it is lowest cost out of all options. No 32-bit is no longer expensive.

its all good, just curios is all :wink:

In some ways, the multicolor LED is overkill. But, it is the first of the daisy chain modules.

With the daisy chain, you can have many LEDs chained off one socket. I believe you should be able to chain different types of daisy chain modules off the same socket.

And what could we do if GHI/MS made a development kit for the processor on the daisy chain module, and made a module where the processor pins were exposed, similar to the expansion module? Real-time?

The daisy chain may become the most exciting feature of Gadgeteer, or may be another thunderbolt.

Like mike said, it is a cool module but more important that it is a proof of concept on what GHI/MS agreed on.

Is there any advanced information about the Daisy Chain out there?
What kind of protocol does it use? I2C?
How fast is it? :slight_smile:

Module Builder’s Guide has detailed description of the protocol.

Thank you, that was a very interesting lecture :slight_smile: