Smallest quadcopter ever!

I want a FEZ copter!


Very cool I would love to have one.


Do you guys know where to get a nice frame? Or maybe a shop that can cut out any frame we like?

Why not use the PCB like they did?

Seems like using the PCB would be the cheapest route. Keeping it lightweight is probably the most important part.

Gus, if you can draw something up I will make it for you.


I was thinking Ponoko also. But now thinking a PCB may in fact be a better solution as your killing two birds with one stone, tougher then plexi, and probably cheaper by a factor. The pcb stuff is tuff, but his stanchions look a bit weak. So you don’t have to pay for larger square just for the legs, may have to make legs seperate and m3 bolts and lock nuts. Makes them replacable also. Cool idea.

I am thinking volume, not one :slight_smile:

Gus wants a quadrocopter army! :dance:

Very nice project. If you want to go cheap and lightweight, pcb is the best way to go. Also you do not have wires everywhere which makes it look clean and organized. ;D

Not only would this be fun to build, but it would be interesting to see how small an autonomous version could be made.

Premade frame? See

NXP have arm processors that are about the size of a pin head… you wouldn’t get netMF on there, but with some basic sensors you should be able to get a 1.5cm2 area or so processor/IMU with some good layout and routing.