Smallest EMX carrier board

Phew, I just finished a carrier board for the EMX, it small, just the size of the EMX module itself, here’s a preview.

Tiny for sure.

@ WouterH - Looks impressive, being a relatively hardware novice…why the wavie trace bottom right?

Nice layout ! Where’s the 0.1" headers ? :slight_smile:

@ brett: they are at the borders. Pads will be cut in half, just like the emx, so I can solder them on the side.
@ justin: I wanted to have the same trace length for usb+ and usb-

@ WouterH - Thanks Wouter, see i learn new things every day :slight_smile:

@ WouterH - Just wondering since we are quite close who do you use for prototype pcb’s if you dont mind me asking?

I always and only used . I know they are not the cheapest, but I never had issues with them and they deliver great quality.