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Smaller then Fez Mini


Are there any plans to make a board even smaller and cheaper then the Fez Mini?
I’m looking for something small AND cheap to be used in every room.

Each board would have
[ulist]Temperature sensor (onewire)[/ulist]
[ulist]Light sensor (ldr)[/ulist]
[ulist]Motion detection (PIR)[/ulist]
[ulist]wireless RF[/ulist]
[ulist]additional maybe 5 digital/analog inputs[/ulist]



Panda is the “cheaper” option; not the “smaller” though.

Look at the price of the USBizi 100 chip - at current “enthusiast” rates, it’s $15US. On a lovely white board with all the other stuff that is wrapped around it, it’s $20US.

Buy the Panda :slight_smile: then buy a few spares :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

seriously, you’d be hard pressed to make a smaller board than the mini anyhow. But the good news is that you can get the design files as a starting point, and shrink it how you like


smaller than FEZ min = USBizi chipset :wink:


EriSan500, If that’s what you need then go ahead and take the FEZ mini design and build all those features on. Get the PCB’s made and sell them! Many of the forum members including myself would be able to help you design your PCB and assist with commercialisation. If you make a really cool product you could sell it to sparkfun or GHI might even offer it for sale. Sparkfun will assist with commercialisation of products too if you can’t afford the few thousand dollars of parts to do a commercial product run - design the product, talk to Nate and they will make it and give you commission.

I’d be happy to help you design this product and get SFE selling it. They don’t have anything available in the home security arena at the moment and i’d sure love to see more NetMF products on their store (and be making some money off it too).