Small mecanical mistake on FezConnect manufacturing?

Hello !

I found a (little) mecanical glitch on my newly received FezConnect (which work GREAT !).

I don’t have a camera at my office to show you the problem, but it looks like the cascading connectors are “reversed” between the ones that go “up” (for the next shield) and the ones that go underneath to the panda/domino : the 3 standard “arduino” holes are not aligning with those on the panda/domino, thus making it difficult to install into a standard arduino “enclosure”. Not sure I am explaining very well ?

If soldering the connectors the other way, that would solve the problem, for the next batch at the factory… But it may be only my FezConnect which has the problem ?

I have other ethernet shields which the holes are aligned correctly with my fez boards.

Thank You :smiley: !

We really need a picture of what you are explaining please.

Here we are (sorry for the picture quality !)

Thank you Nicolas for the note. but I guess FEZ Connect would not fit in that enclosure anyway since it is a bit wider, isn’t it?

Hello Joe,

It’s going to fit :D. Missing only half a millimeter on one side and I will get it my filing it a bit. I may replace the connectors to their better place to have the holes aligned.

I have a profesionnal order for 2 prototypes to deliver by end of July ! If it works, I hope I will be able to deliver many next year !!! I need to find a small box for it :wink:
My first professional project with FEZ/NETMF !

I wish you all the best with you project. 8)