Slow startup with WAP enabeled using new firmware


There is a big time difference during startup with the latest firmware compared to V4.1.5.0 when WAP is enabled on WiFi. About 25 seconds before the version number is displayed on the LCD compared to about 5 seconds using the older firmware.

Is this normal behavior of the new firmware?

Thanks in advance,

Yes this is expected for a critical reason. But I doubt it was 5 seconds in the old firmware. I think it was like 15+ seconds.

We will improve the performance in future. And probably at that time you will give the new WiFi hardware a try. I personally think it is much better.

Ok, thanks for the info, I can live with that for now. But its 5 seconds to have the version info on the LCD display and about 15/20 seconds for the application to start. I will order a new WiFi module and start experimenting too.