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Slow response of EMX Touchscree


I have EMX kit available with me, the touch screen is responding very slow can some suggest how to get the faster response?


Have you tried this?


I have tried the given example and it is working properly. In my application i am using Innobedded Rich Media Extention GUI classes and it is responding slow. Is there any code standards/settings to repond LCD faster?


I have to think of it more like an interrupt!!

If too much processing is done in any certain function, you will loose an amount of touch response. I try to have more functions doing less processing each and allowing the system housekeeping time to do its job… I have to optimise my code by adding / subtracting routines until a decent sacrifice is achieved.

Until I learn how to utilize RLP (shouldn’t be long as I pretty good with C) this is how I approach it.

You can always look at Skewworks Pixys2 Thomas uses his own touch response routines.

Cheers Ian


The makers would know better of why performance is not ideal. There is also Pyxis which runs pretty fast on the same EMX you are using