Slaying a Hydra [IS NOT POSSIBLE]

I’d like to congratulate myself on being the first person actually able to destroy a GHI product. In the last days of my build, with no spare to be had, I connected a cheap LiPo charger to my tablet built and plugged it in.

The Hydra is completely dead, it doesn’t even give power out to any of the modules. I checked by running the Bluetooth module over an extender to the DP module, get lights that way, but nothing with the Hydra.

The charger in question was removed and examined, there was a bad trace that caused a short. :frowning:

congratulations, i think i will soon follow with my spider as it still refusing to deploy… even if the onboard light is on, it doesn’t mean it’s not dead :wink:

We need to frame it :slight_smile:

Heh well I’m going to try and find a way to manage grabbing a new Hyrda; so I can ship you the dead one to mount on a wall with a plaque reading: “Beware Cheap Chargers”

Just placed an overnight delivery order, included a special note for Christine asking to make sure it goes out tomorrow. :slight_smile:

Just can’t live w/o the Hydra.

May we all bow our heads for a moment of silence…
May Skewworks’ Hydra rest in peace and forever be known as the board that brought fantastic UI components to the masses.


Brilliant! Thanks for the laugh!

Hey, turns out if you plug the DP into the right freaking socket…

Anyway, Hydra lives. I’ll keep the second one I ordered as backup. :smiley:


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You more sleep need :wink:


Lives up to the name. Cut off one head and 2 takes its place.

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I bet you are happy! I almost started to call you “Skewworks the Hydra Slayer”.

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So has telling me fiancé been a week for. :wink:

LOL that’s funny… and I’m still chopping at my Spider’s legs… one at a time :wink:

@ skewworks - you order will ship with a gift!! I will let it be a surprise but I will give you a hint. Go buy 4x AA rechargeable batteries and have them charge overnight. You will need them tomorrow!


I now take comfort in knowing that those with much more experience than I have done the same thing :wink:

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Gus, that’s awesome, thank you very much!

Up to this point I’ve been using a LiPo battery, which works great, but the charger I had from SparkFun lost it’s USB header (after 3 uses, ugh). So I’d taken to charging it with a regular 4xAA wall charger but connecting leads to it, then I got the cheap charger…I’m actually surprised the LiPo didn’t catch fire with that short, I heard it whining.

Now I power without fear of explosions. :smiley: Now if Adafruit would only get their LiPo charger back in stock I could have 2 powered Hydras, 1 w/ AA and 1 w/ LiPo.

Gordon Bennett!! that’s a good way to burn down the Man Cave :smiley:

Seriously, I’ve had some back luck with commercial LiPo chargers. 1 has the USB header snap after 3 charges, another has a short. I swear if when I eventually get the Adafruit charger and it doesn’t work I will give up LiPo entirely for at least a year.

I have been using one of these for years…

Never missed a beat.