SkewworksLegend with 41,934 Is so smart he ticks me off!

Subject say it ALL! :>)

I sure hope you took that in Jest!

I use to be a expert at using basic to make a Basic program work with CPM!

I have absolutely no idea what’s this about… Basic, Jest, CPM… I must have missed something elsewhere…

My interpretation of it all…

@ Skewworks made “Legend” status on the forum, with 41,934 points. And @ Willgeorge is ticked off because @ Skewworks is so smart. Back in the day @ Willgeorge too was smart because of the CPM/BASIC work…


Very funny

LOL! Thanks! I know I’ve been very absentee over the past couple of weeks (and unfortunately that will continue for a little bit), but I promise I have plenty of things in the works to keep ticking you off :smiley: