Does anyonr know what happened to Skewworks… I have to buy their ‘Skewworks Spiral SDK’ for my project thx

The website is definitely gone. There was activity on his FB page recently, and I posted on FB asking about the site.

The Skewworks website is working from here.

He recently posted here saying that he got real busy doing non .NETMF work. went down, it’s now back up. We’ve had some major accounts receivable issues (read: we’re owed a lot of money and haven’t been paid anything).

The first year of a new business is the hardest. I’ve been doing whatever I can to keep things afloat. The next couple of months will determine if Skewworks remains a company or goes back to doing NETMF on the side for fun.

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Been there, done that and now I no longer offer credit terms to any new customers for at least 3 or more projects. Having been stung and out of pocket too many times, it’s either full with order or min 50% at least gets paid.

Hope it works out for you and you can keep it going.

I’ve actually been working for this client since October of last year. They were great, then they fell a bit behind, then caught up and now…this. Ugh. Good to know I’m not alone though :slight_smile:

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Hi skewworks ! Thx for putting back your site so i can finally buy spiral! But i have a question does your program in youtube Skewworks Spiral SDK - YouTube comes with the package as an example? Cos i have to do something very similar thx! And i’m a newbie with this it’s just something i MUST do to go to college!

Tut tut… You’ll never learn to run if you always use someone else’s code without at least having a go yourself.


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Been in the same situation before, the trick is knowing when to say “enough is enough”. Hope it works out better for you than it did for me a few years back.

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There is a sample included in the code. If it’s not the same as the video I can try and dig it up. Spiral is one of the older projects but I tend to keep code (even demos) around for a very long time.

OMG THX A LOT !!! You just saved my my life!