Six Button input board all triggerable


i’m in the process of building a kind of home automation system.

I want to be able to catch the status changes of the buttons on the wall.

I would like to use “triggers” and Digital Input events and to not “poll” under the hood the buttons.

My idea is to use an Y socket and have all the input port 4 to 9 in NAND feeding the pin 3 used as trigger using an 74HC30.

The input of the 74HC30 will be pulled up to 1 and there will be a button to ground.

The same button will set to ground one of the pin from 4 to 9… so in total 6 button per Y socket.

In this case on the pin 3 status change event i will read all the other pin status.

Since they will be connected to a physical button, do you think there will be the time to read the correct value???