Sitcore FEZ Duino export allowance pending at DigiKey

Hello, I ordered some boards at DigiKey (Sitcore FEZ Duino, Sitcore FEZ Feather and Sitcore FEZ Stick). As they didn’t arrive in the expected time I called them up and they told me that they still have no export allowance for the Sitcore FEZ Duino to Germany (07.08.2020).
Is GHI informed about this issue?
Kind regards

We had resolved this but we will check. Thank you

Any new information? Until now no shipping confirmation.
Has anyone else in europe the same problems with export restriction for the FEZDuino Board?

We have filled all export documents so this week you can order I hope. Sorry about this

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@RoSchmi : my order is still pending, waiting for the export documents as well for France (SC20260E SOM)

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