SITCore and VB.NET

I saw that finally the SITECore components can be ordered …
I wanted to know if VB .NET will be supported or we better forget it

Technically it should work but it is not supported/tested.

Yes, this would be recommended since this is the path Microsoft will be taking.

“Going forward, we do not plan to evolve Visual Basic as a language.” - Microsoft

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I didn’t know Microsoft had decided on not moving forward with VB. That means we should not.

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While language will not evolve, the current state appears to be supported, and will be going forward.

I don’t read the MS statement as an end of life.

I am not a VB user.

Microsoft did not discontinue NETMF nor Gadgeteer but we know how that went.

Honestly at the debut of the .net in 2002 there was a big difference between C # and VB .net
With the passing of the years the two have evolved with very similar power …
Skipping D# and E#, the time has come to put the basic in the drawer.