Simple managed FAT file system

I was thinking on systems that does not have or need full FAT implementation, there may be a simple FAT implementation. It can be a single file support for example and no directory support…etc.

We actually have written a micro FAT library 15 years ago but I do not know if we have the code somewhere. There is also this “Petit FAT” library Petit FAT File System Module

Has anyone done such thing? A simple C# FAT library?

may be @taylorza “file system” he wrote few years ago

We have that already in and it is great. The idea here is you can write files to an SD card that you can then read on the PC.

this was done on TinyCLR 1.0 from let me find first

I do not remember!!

i belive this one is ?

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on the forum you can find this link

oh that is great! I will reach out to him. THANK you

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